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Vastu For Positive direction: Facing which directions one receives positive vibrations? What is the reason behind this concept? The answer lies in the great epics of Vedic Vastu that defines : According to Vastu, the interior alignment is as important as the exterior placement of human beings and other things in a building structure. For example, the owner of a company should occupy the south-west direction. However, the interior arrangement should be such that the owner faces north, east or north-east directions to get the maximum benefits of being in this sub-direction of stability and superiority. Similarly, the student should be placed in east or north directions and should face east, north or north-east directions only which helps improve concentration. As we have read in level 1, all the positive energies flow from east to west and north to south directions and therefore, facing north, east and north-east directions is the most beneficial since one receives positive vibrations while facing these directions. That’s also why the north-east corner is perfect for pooja and meditation etc. Vastu Pyramid, Pyra vastu, Pyramid vastu, Aura reading, Aura scanning, Numerology
Vastu For Almirah, Vastu for Cupboards By Best Vastu Consultant in Gurgao: Vastu direction for making the storage area like almirah & cupboard? A. In Vastu, almirah and cupboards are considered to be heavy objects. We have read before that the south-west corner should be the most highest and heaviest; hence it is best to place or construct almirah, cupboards, cabinets, slabs for storage etc. in this direction only. Below is the picture which shows all the possible cases where cabinets etc. can be placed. We can see that the south direction is considered to be the best. West direction is the second choice. East and north directions are okay as long as these are placed close to west or south directions. The north-east corner should be light or should be left open. One should never place any storage item in the extreme north-east corner. If an almirah is used for storing valuables like money, bank related papers, jewelry and other precious documents, it should be best to place in south direction such that it faces north, which is the direction of Lord Kuber., Vedic Vastu For September, October Month’s Vastu Precautions, November Vastu, Special tenets of Vastu for December, Follow Daily Vastu for Positive Day, Vastu in the Morning, Vastu precautions for Noon & afternoon, Vastu For evening, Night with Vastu vibes, Vastu in midnight, Vastu Tips in Hindi, Follow Vastu in Dawn Hourly Vastu, Vastu for Good time, Lucky Vastu days, Making life positive with Vastu,
Vastu Expert : Free Vastu tips: The “Prithvi” element is essentially the earth element which is represented by the Nairutya (south-west) corner. The Nairutya corner gives stability in one’s life including health, wealth, and all round growth. Hence by making the Vastu compliant design decisions in a house, we can promote the family’s harmony. Vastu Shastra provides us several guidelines in order to establish the harmony in a family. For example, the south-west corner should always be occupied by head of the family. By doing so, he would easily be able keep intact the family’s unity, togetherness and respect for each other since anyone placed in this area is blessed with family’s supreme power. If children are placed in this corner, they may go out of control due to gradual increase in sovereignty. While designing Nairutya corner, it should be built as higher as possible in terms of height and as heavier as possible in terms of weight. That’s why overhead storage, office, mumty or staircase canopy are best to be kept in this direction. (Caution: A few architects with less knowledge tend to place overhead water tank to make it heaviest and highest, however that’s incorrect and not Vastu friendly.) In addition, the internal layout should be such that the head of the family keeps his head in south (best), east or west directions only. It should never be in north direction.This is necessary for sound sleep and good health. (Caution: This is true for northern sphere only. In southern hemisphere, one should never keep head in south. Again, east and west direction are fine as second preference.)
• Shred all heavily dense plants and trees grown in the southern part of the house & let the bright sun rays enter into the abode. • For positive reception of heat from the sun one may slide the heavy curtains spread on the southern and western window panes Open maximum doors and windows & let the bright day light enter the house. This brings positivity. • Walking on dew clad grass gives many health benefits. Have a walk on it & enjoy this God gift every morning. This is a positive combination of water & space elements most appreciable combination & permutation in Vastu. • Though normally Vastu does not appreciate southern & western directions balconies to sit in summer however in winters pass few day hours during daytime in southern & western parts of the building. Enjoy the warmness. vastu consultants in noida, vastu consultant in noida
Vastu For servant Room: Where a servant room should be made as per Vastu? A. According to Vastu, if there are servants who live with the family, they should be given rooms in east, south-east or north-west directions. However, if there is a single servant with clean habits, then any room near north-east corner can be given. The same is true for guards as well. While designing the layout of the house, one should keep in mind if the separate bathroom needs to be given to the servant or not. If the separate bathroom is required, then either south-east or north-west direction is suitable; otherwise any room in east or north directions can be given. Vastu Consultants In Rajasthan, Best vastu shastra consultant in Rajasthan, Vastu Consultant Jaipur, Vastu Consultants Jaipur, vastu consultant in Jaipur, Vastu Consultants In Jaipur, Best vastu shastra consultant in Jaipur, Vastu Consultant Bangalore, Vastu Consultants Bangalore, Vastu consultant in Bangalore, Vastu Consultants In Bangalore, Best vastu shastra consultant in Bangalore, Vastu Consultant Assam, Vastu Consultants Assam, Vastu consultant in Assam, Vastu Consultants In Assam, Best vastu shastra consultant in Assam, vastu consultant in Rewari, Vastu consultant in Palwal, Vastu consultant in Hisar, Vastu consultant in Patna, Vastu consultant in Manali, Vastu consultant in kullu, Vastu consultant in Bilaspur, Vastu consultant in Shimla, Vastu consultant in Itanagar, Vastu consultant in Raipur, Vastu consultant in Panjim, Vastu consultant in Gandhinagar, Vastu consultant in Chandigarh, Vastu consultant in Bhopal, Vastu consultant in Muscat, Vastu consultant in Manesar, Vastu consultant in Manila, Vastu consultant in Rome, Vastu consultant in Hongkong city, Vastu consultant in Budapest, Vastu consultant in Jakarta, Vastu consultant in Baghdad, vastu consultant in Dublin, vastu consultant in Kingston, vastu consultant in Tokyo, Vastu consultant in Paris, Vastu consultant in Berlin, Vastu consultant in Toronto, Vastu consultant in Zurich, Vastu consultant in Balli, Vastu consultant in Barcelona, Vastu consultant in Cambridge, vastu consultant in Dubai, Vastu consultant in Durban, Vastu consultant in Geneva, Vastu consultant in George Town, vastu consultant in Hamilton, vastu consultant in Kuwait City, vastu consultant in Los Angeles, vastu consultant in Florida, Vastu consultant in Bangkok, Vastu consultant in Port of Spain, Vastu consultant in AbuDhabi, Vastu consultant in London, Vastu consultant in Washington, Vastu consultant in Harare, Vastu consultant in Singapore city, Vastu consultant in Capetown, Vastu consultant in Madrid, vastu consultant in Andhra Pradesh, vastu consultant in Arunachal Pradesh, vastu consultant in Assam, vastu consultant in Bihar, vastu consultant in Chhattisgarh, vastu consultant in Goa, vastu consultant in Gujarat, vastu consultant in Haryana,
Vastu tips: Free Vastu tips: The location of all the five elements (also known as “Panch MahaBhootas”) in a premises (as shown in the below picture) while focusing on thedetails of the north-east (Ishaan) corner. The word “Ishaan” originates from “Ish” which means God. This also symbolizes Lord Shiva. Therefore, this corner place is perfect for worshipping. The Ishaan corner is also good for lentil plants. The associated element with the Ishaan corner is the water element and hence any water source, fountain, falls, swimming pool, fish pond, underground water storage tank or any other water symbol is recommended to be kept in this corner while making sure that one doesn’t puncture the spinal cord of the Vastu-purush. It explains the differences between Surya-bedhi and Chandra-bedhi premises and describes the reasoning behind Surya-bedhi premises being more auspicious as the Surya-bedhi premises makes the better use of the most beneficial morning sun rays than Chandra-bedhipremises. The above answers give all the details about the health and the other benefits of the morning sun rays. Undoubtedly, morning sun rays are extremely beneficial for the health of the human beings as it is also used forNaturopathy based treatments ofvariousdiseases. That is also why the Vastu advises to keep the roof or floor slope towards north-east direction so thatwhatever water is gathered or accumulated from rains, it should come in north-east direction automatically and hence human beings living in that premises can use this disinfected and clean water and remain in good health.
• Remove the temporary sun shades from all balconies of south, west and south-west directions. • Declutter the entrance area and boost it with aromatic articles like flowers or scented showpieces. Do away with the dried leaves, dead plants, cracked flower vases & other dead elements. • Days are smaller in winter season & we must receive the maximum positive energy from these few hours. Therefore try to pass sometime in the home lobby which is generally in the middle of house called the Bramha-Sthan as per Vastu Shastra. Here the energetic environment is always high. • Vastu advocates living in harmony with nature so avoid artificial means of getting heat or hot air. Go nearer to the nature & see every need is fulfilled by it. vastu consultant in gurgaon, vastu consultants in gurgaon
• Use red coloured curtains, bed sheets, pillows & other indoor dressings. Prefer pink colour on the bedroom walls. This enhances the romantic aura inside the couple’s room. • If any using any artificial mean of heating up or humidifier is unavoidable, use the south-east direction of the room or hall. This direction is called the ‘Agneya’ direction or the fire zone according to Vastu. However if there is no provision of using these heat related gadgets in this zone one may use the north-west zone which is known as the ‘Vayu’ region or air corner. The above look to be very minor stuff but they are balancing technique of Vastu through which we can enhance the positive vibrations easily. vastu expert in faridabad, vastu expert in delhi
we are top vastu consultant in delhi and provide the service in delhi ncr. The long wait for the winter season is now over and the celebration mood is back. Yes, that’s true. Though every season has its own strength and value but winter is glorified with many similes like ‘healthy season’, ‘festive time’, ‘romantic season’, ‘eating joy’, ‘mood enhancer’ etc. One may garland this season with any suitable rhetorical expression but this is true that God has blessed this season with wonderful milieu. One can see numerous varieties of flowers blooming in colourful lawn. Such and so many varieties of flowers are not available in summer season. In winters there are plenty of vegetables & prices are pretty reasonable. The dew drops remind us of pearl clad spread sheet created by the nature. There are varieties of fruits with healthy fibre, the temperature is worth preserving everything and the human is sweat free. Then why not to get the best reward from this season with positive vibes of Vastu Shastra. This is more essential because for summer season Vastu has been guiding to keep cool the body and abode and protect from the hot directions of south and west which receive penetrating hot vibes making us uneasy. Medically too the normal body temperature is 37 degrees Celsius and ingress in higher temperature feels to be uneasy. So let the temperature come down in a natural way & winter is here.