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Vastu CORRECTIONS WITHOUT DEMOLITION By: Dr. Anand Bhardwaj MA, MBA, Ph.D (Socio), Ph.D (Vastu), D.Sc. Eq. D.Lit (Vastu) Vastu Consultant, On one hand the craze towards Vastu is increasing day by day but on the other hand the numbers of Vastu consultants is also increasing at a fast pace. Now, due to availability of numerous Vastu consultants on internet, news papers & other media sources, there is a situation of stiff competition amongst the Vastu consultants. Hence the Vastu consultation fee has to be extremely competitive so that the newly trained Vastu consultant may earn his bread & butter easily. In order to gain fast money in a very short span of time, these novice Vastu consultants have turned unethically unprofessional. To do Vastu cures, some of them have started selling various items like stones, Yantra, mantra, tantric, Pyras, symbols, gimmick, self made or crafted elements etc. The TV channels are overloaded with such programmes where Vastu seems to be very commercialized & dependent upon the sale & marketing techniques. Thus they can easily get high amount from the clients in the name of Vastu corrections without demolition. This practice has not only induced fears in the mind of common mass that once the Vastu consultant comes to audit the house, he may sell-off such self generated cures worth lakhs of rupees. Certainly this unethical practice has also started putting question mark on the reality, truthfulness & value of Vastu science. To have a control over such practice we are working on creation of a Forum of Vastu Consultants to establish the ethics, criteria & standardization of Vastu practitioners. If we call Vastu as a science, then certainly the Vastu principles have to follow the scientific rules & each Vastu consultant is supposed to prescribe the Vastu cures logically. Here, I would like to unveil the truth of Vastu corrections without demolition so that as an educated person, everyone may realise that actual Vastu cures cost nothing. The Vastu flaws can easily be ward off with the help of home remedies like change in the positioning and placement of various gadgets from one corner to the other corner, interchanging the bedrooms, shifting important almirahs, cash box-realignment and change in wall colours etc. For few other serious Vastu defects, a Vastu consultant has to be experienced & trained in actual ‘Vastu corrections without demolition, which can easily be done with certain minor objects or items that cost almost nothing like sea salt, alum, copper wire, mirrors, aroma, Basil plant, aquariums, water fountains, red bulbs etc. The re-allocation of Pooja place, sliding of study table from one place to the other place or to other wall may also yield good results. Vastu is a science of directions & flow of energy vibrations; therefore there is no room for superstitious tricks to handle Vastu vibrations. So far as the religious sermons, Pooja, ceremonies, pleasing Gods & other spiritual activities are concerned, there is absolutely nothing wrong in it & one should do believe in the supreme power of God, but paying heavy amount to mediators to perform all these on our behalf may seem to be illogical. Certainly the God is pleased with our true devotion, genuine faith & real offerings, so one can also energize the abode with true devotion. One of the best tools to do Vastu corrections without demolition is extremely easy & works wonder… this is to look at your house, office, spouse, parents, children, neighborhood etc. with a positive sight with a firm belief that everything is positive, good & perfect. Keep on doing this every morning after getting up from the bed & before going to the bed at night. You will find that the life is becoming more & more positive. This is one of the sacred ways to energize the house, office, factory or other similar residential & commercial premises. Therefore it is said “think positive, be positive & the weather shall automatically turn to positive”. (The writer is one of the highest qualified Vastu consultants of the world, dealing in Scientific Vastu with above 39 years experience, specialized in Vastu Corrections without Demolition. He can be contacted thru:, or # 9999256700, 9811656700)
Call us for Vastu Remedies without demolition The precautions to be taken in a Vastu-positive bed room. In addition to the direction and placement of a bedroom, it is crucial to pay attention to the interior of a bedroom in order to align it with micro Vastu. However, below are some precautions which one must keep in mind while deciding on the interior. The most important aspect of a bedroom is to correctly place the bed such that the sleeping person’s head is in proper direction which enhances the quality of the sleep. One must avoid keeping head in N direction whereas S is considered the best direction. If that’s not possible, E can be the second option followed by W as the last option. IMPORTANT: This is true in northern hemisphere only. For southern hemisphere, one should avoid keeping the head in S direction. As mentioned in previous levels, the body’ pole (head is considered N) should not be repelled by earth’s pole while sleeping. Therefore, in northern hemisphere, one should keep body’s N pole towards S direction and vice versa. The color theme of a bedroom should be in accordance with Vastu as well. Ideally, the use of pastel colors is always recommended due to their soothing nature as opposed to dark colors which can increase anxiety, lethargy and depression. Below is the chart for recommended colors in each direction. For newlywed couples, purple and pink tints are also suitable. Note: The ceiling should always be painted in white color. Ideally, the color theme of curtains should also be picked as per the direction that can easily match the interior also. However, one should never pick curtains with abstract designs or wild paintings such as roaring tiger, lion, snake, crocodiles etc. In addition, one must use heavy curtains along S and W walls only. The sheer cloth or light fabric is suitable for E and N walls. There are various types of items and paintings one could use to decorate the bedroom as per person’s taste. For example, a showpiece of love birds can be kept in master bedroom which is appropriate for couples. However, one must ensure to keep all these items clean and in perfect condition. They should never be dirty or damaged. Similarly, the use of paintings that show pain and ugly looking antiques should be avoided as well. One must never hang a mirror on the bedroom such that the sleeping couple/person is visible in the mirror while sleeping. The solid wall is preferred on the back side while sleeping. One can also hang some grand poster of mountains on this wall in order to boost the stability. However, if a window is built on this wall, it is recommended to cover it with heavy curtains. One can also close this window with wooden board if it is not in use at all. One must avoid keeping any office or work related documents in the bedroom. If it cannot be avoided, then they should not be visible in the bedroom at the minimum. It is very popular to have a TV screen fixed in the bedroom, however, Vastu doesn’t recommend it at all as it can make the person total restless. Vastu services in delhi, Vastu Consultants in Delhi, Vastu expert in Gurgaon, Vastu in hindi, Vastu for gift galleries, Vastu for builder flat, Vastu Shastra Consultants in Noida, Vastu for stairs, Best Vastu Experts in Delhi, Vastu experts in gurugram, Vastu services in Gurgaon, Top vastu expert, Top vastu consultant, Best Vastu Consultant in Delhi, Vastu shastra for house. The bedroom should never be cluttered and proper day light/ air circulation is required to maintain the good health and healthy bedroom.
Through Scientific Vastu defining you got to know lot of things about scientific harmony of water element. According to vastu shashtra water element should be placed in northeast corner, northeast corner is the most auspicious and important direction among all direction. Northeast direction means ISHAAN corner, it says in vastu. Vastu prefers the premises should bealways east facing because in this side has many positivity to the human being. Sun comes first in this direction and it gives us lot of blessing and energies like light, heat, vitamins, ultra violet rays, infrared rays etc. We should place in this area underground water storage tank besides other water element like fountain, pond, well and river also can be this side. Law of Vastu if man build a fountain or water pond in ishaan corner there is morning pour rays of sun mixing up with water than it turns in to vapors and moist air in this corner can be helpful for human being, morning sun rays and increase positivity and lot of vibgyors in our environment, if this process would be regular than we can get every day premises purified such a natural spectrum power, there shall be not find any kind of negativity in all human life. Through Scientific Vastu defining got to know about the alignments, there are two major categories of the alignment of premises and plot, street and roads. The first category is Surya bedhi and second one is Chandra bedhi. Surya bedhi is aligned along the east west direction and Chandra bedhi is aligned along the north south direction. According to vastu surya bedhi alignment is most auspicious than Chandra bedhi. A reason behind it there is some scientific logics as such if aligning to east west the houses are able to receive the good quantum of morning rays, it is the natural germicide and anti bacteria. The flow of the wind generally in east west directions so houses can get the natural air thus no need to any kind of artificial comforts but in north south direction has no easy passage for wind there fore in that area can hold and collect the dust. Through Scientific Vastu defining you got to know about benefits of morning sunlight, it has vitamin D, which is very essential for our body, besides this lot of benefits also like as control blood pressure and blood sugar etc. Uses the sun therapy in naturopathy and cures lot of disease. By the sun therapy some treatments are there- burns, kidney problems, lumps, harpes, anemia, colitis etc. soft UV light can increases the efficiency of the heart. Through Scientific Vastu defining got to know about vastu and architectural balancing of water element like-there is a co-relation between human body and water. If we get deficiency of water in our body than we tend to get the required quantity of water. This Element automatically balanced inside our body. Vastu also advocated for water harvesting, vastu says we should keep the premises slope of roof and floortowards northeast side, thus rain water can gather in this direction and water level in earth can automatically maintain by this process and we can receive the benefit from it always well. Thanks
For rain water harvesting the best place is the north-east corner of the plot, because the morning sun rays can mix up with the water. So, slopes should be build leaning towards this direction. And water storage should keep the water there. Slopes should be built leaning towards north-east, because that way the water can be stored and bring positive energies into the house and life of the inmates. This was, the rain water or any natural underground water can accummulate there, totally naturally. online vastu courses, online vastu shastra courses, numerology, numerology number 8, numerology number 4, numerology compatibility, numerology consultant in Gurgaon, numerology consultant in delhi, numerology consultant in Faridabad, numerology consultant in Noida, numerology consultant in greater Noida, numerology consultant, numerologists in delhi, numerologist india, numerologist in delhi, indian numerologist, numerologist delhi, numerologist in india, The direction of the Earth element is south-west and it is applicable to any private home, plot and business unit, company. It is called Nairutya corner. Earth provides us with everything, from food to clothing and building materials. It means stability and strong harmony.
What is the value of windows and curtains in Vastu? What are the general guidelines for window panes? If the main door is the face of the house, the windows are for sure its eyes. Following the Vastu rule that open spaces should be kept towards north and east, and the south and west should be protected from the massive heat, doors, windows and balconies should preferably be facing N, NE and E, to allow the entrance of the positive and healthy morning ultraviolet waves. For the same reason, the opposite side, S, SW and W, should have reinforced walls and tinted or reflective glass. This protects both the inhabitants and the inner environment and temperature from the excessive heat. To make this strategy even more efficient Vastu rules say that the number of windows in the west should be, at maximum, half the number in the east, and that doors in the south shouldn’t be more than 25% of those in the north. Curtains placement and material should follow the same principle and light see-through curtains should be on windows and doors at N, NE and E, while dark heavy curtains would be placed on all doors and windows in the S, SW and W.
What role does Vastu play in environment protection is a matter of interst in Vastu. As a Vastu Consultant Let me define. The word ‘Vastu’ is derived from the Sanskrit word ‘Vastava’. Its root word is ‘Vas’ and ‘Tun’ is a suffix. Vastu means a shelter where one lives or stays. It is a science which tells us about the ten directions and their influence towards human beings as well as the natural forces of the five elements like Earth, Water, Fire (light and heat of the sun), Air and Space. The word ‘Shastra’ means the perfect system or by laws. The origin of Vastu shastra is Sthapatya Veda (a part of Atharva Veda). The principles of Vastu Shastra (when applied) enables us to make a construction not only for dwelling house but also for the industry, office, factory creating an ecofriendly environment by taking the advantages of the benefits of the five elements (Panch Mahabhuta). On the other hand Vastu is also an art of constructing any buildings or premises. It guides us in accordance with the positive and negative impacts of the Earth’s magnetic field as well as cosmic vibrations and energy on our planet Earth, so that a peaceful and harmonious life can be attained with nature which is essentially required for the existence, survival, growth and welfare of human beings. There is a big role of Vastu for the protection of our environment. Since Vastu is a science as well as an art of house construction, so by undergoing its principles during any construction it gives an overall protection to the building structure and bless with the growth, harmony and good health to the people living in that Vastu house. This ultimately helps to keep the environment much ecofriendly. Thus Vastu plays a prime role to protect our environment.
Vastu tips: Free Vastu tips: The location of all the five elements (also known as “Panch MahaBhootas”) in a premises (as shown in the below picture) while focusing on thedetails of the north-east (Ishaan) corner. The word “Ishaan” originates from “Ish” which means God. This also symbolizes Lord Shiva. Therefore, this corner place is perfect for worshipping. The Ishaan corner is also good for lentil plants. The associated element with the Ishaan corner is the water element and hence any water source, fountain, falls, swimming pool, fish pond, underground water storage tank or any other water symbol is recommended to be kept in this corner while making sure that one doesn’t puncture the spinal cord of the Vastu-purush. It explains the differences between Surya-bedhi and Chandra-bedhi premises and describes the reasoning behind Surya-bedhi premises being more auspicious as the Surya-bedhi premises makes the better use of the most beneficial morning sun rays than Chandra-bedhipremises. The above answers give all the details about the health and the other benefits of the morning sun rays. Undoubtedly, morning sun rays are extremely beneficial for the health of the human beings as it is also used forNaturopathy based treatments ofvariousdiseases. That is also why the Vastu advises to keep the roof or floor slope towards north-east direction so thatwhatever water is gathered or accumulated from rains, it should come in north-east direction automatically and hence human beings living in that premises can use this disinfected and clean water and remain in good health.
Why it is very diffuicult to have perfect Vastu plot or House, ? Vastu consultant defines the reasons: While procuring the land or constructing the building, what are the factors beyond our control because owadays, it is extremely difficult to buy a land or construct a building with 100% Vastu specifications because there are numerous factors beyond our control. Below are some examples: The slope of the plot may not be as per Vastu. Below picture shows the slope recommended by Vastu. In some cases, the slope can be fixed, however, that might not be always feasible due to high cost or other reasons. Also, it might be in an area where changing the slope might not make sense. For example, if there are many houses in a row next to each other and all the plots are sloping down towards south-west direction which is against Vastu principle; and then someone tries to change the slope of one house, it might not make sense because all the rain water in all houses go into south-west and changing the slope would mean that this one house might end up accumulating water which it definitely shouldn’t. There can be many practical scenarios like this. Same is true for the shape of a plot. Sometimes, plot shape is irregular depending on a region or surroundings. Below is the screenshot of a plot which is available for sale (yellow boundary) and we can see its irregular shape. Similarly, the roads around the plot may also not be as per Vastu. Sometimes, houses are constructed in such a way that one would get less space in north-east direction and more space in south-west direction. When a building is constructed in a specific area, there might be zoning or administrative rules which may not allow the main gate as per Vastu. All of the above examples are very common these days because not all the cities and towns are built according to Vastu and that would clearly have an impact on the surroundings of a plot or a building which someone would be looking to buy. Also, there is a lot of space crunch these days, at least in major cities so one may not get enough open space recommended by Vastu. Does Vastu suggest to violate government rules or laws? NO. One should never try to follow 100% Vastu at the cost of these rules and regulations. Also, one should also pay attention to personal choices of family members, their liking and disliking etc. Similarly, one should be logical and practical while buying a plot or constructing a building and try to follow Vastu as maximum as possible. One should live Vastu-friendly, not Vastu-blindly. vastu course national highway, vastu course kirti nagar, vastu course naraina, vastu course Moti bagh, vastu course , at Dhaula kuan, vastu consultant in Gk-1, vastu consultant in Gk-2, Vastu consultants in delhi, Vastu consultant for home, Vastu consultants in Gurgaon, Vastu services in delhi, Vastu Consultants in Delhi, Vastu expert in Gurgaon, Vastu in hindi, Vastu Shastra Consultants in Noida Vastu for stairs, Best Vastu Experts in Delhi,
The whole world is worried about the ozone layer. The best mode of protecting to it: Ozone is a kind of oxygen that exists mostly in our atmosphere. Its role is to protect the planet from the sunrays. Its existence allows for life to flourish on the planet in all forms as, if it disappears, the sun will be too strong for any organism to thrive. It also helps to keep an almost constant temperature from day to night. The first 2 planets of the solar system give us a good idea of the importance of the protective layer ozone gives us. Mercury has close to no atmosphere. Being the nearest planet to the sun it’s also the most exposed to the heat, with day-time temperatures that reach up to 420oC and drop to -170oC at night, as all the heat that touches the planet is completely lost. Venus, on the other hand, has such a dense atmosphere – composed mainly of CO2 and nitrogen – that it doesn’t allow the sunrays that get through it to go back into space, promoting even higher temperatures, around 470oC. Our lifestyle (with its massive CO2 emissions) is allowing for the ozone layer to disappear. Although some studies show that a volcanic eruption can release more CO2 into the atmosphere than human action (and some volcanoes have been active for the past 30 years, like Hawaiian Kilauea) with an annual estimate of 200 million tonnes, our massive growing in numbers, consumerism needs and overall negligence towards the place we live in and the other organism tell a different story. The human carbon footprint is at least 10 times more than volcanoes’. Our presence and activity are the main causes of the depletion of the ozone layer. Having a more natural lifestyle at all levels would help prevent this feared temperature raise.