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Vastu for interiors, Interior Vastu, Interior with Vastu, Vastu for elevation, Elevation Vastu, Best Vastu adviser, Making the interiors positive is also equally essential for peaceful and positive life. As we know, Vastu is the science of directions that mainly deals with the structure and directions of a building. However, the scope of Vastu is not confined to just shape and size of the exterior building. It is equally important to beautify the interiors in such a way that it fills the abode with constructive and positive energies and vibrations. We learned in previous modules that every object or item has a certain vibrations associated with it and one needs to pay attention if any object is suitable for interiors of a building. As explained in answers above, every human being admires nature’s beauty and hence any object representing beautiful mountains, springs and plants are usually a good choice for house interiors. Therefore, any water or blue color based paintings/show pieces can be placed along N walls of a drawing room whereas greenery scenes are good on E or W directions. One can put romantic posters in bedrooms and children’s poses can be put along W walls in study room. The core idea is to make use of such paintings and objects that generate positive feelings of charm, pleasure, creativity and excitement. That’s why one should always avoid any pictures/paintings which depict pain, cruelty, distressed person, war/jail scenes etc. Such paintings can easily cause mental tension and stress in long run and hence have a huge impact on living inmates. The important thing to note here is that beautifying interiors may not change one’s life circumstances altogether, however, it is helpful in keeping one’s mind positive and creative which in turn improves the possibility of dealing with problems in a more positive and constructive manner that can lead to favorable results. Vastu services in delhi, Vastu Consultants in Delhi, Vastu expert in Gurgaon, Vastu in hindi, Vastu Shastra Consultants in Noida, Vastu for stairs, Best Vastu Experts in Delhi, Vastu experts in gurugram, Vastu services in Gurgaon Top vastu expert, Vastu Consultants in Gurgaon, Vastu courses in kirti nagar delhi, Vastu for kitchen, Vastu for Industry, Diploma in vastu, Vastu for Factory, Vastu Consultants in New Delhi,
Vastu Tip of the Day: Never place shoes in open area near main entrance.. Here is fact about Muhurats: There are logics behind most of the Muhurats”. A. If we start exploring more information about the principles of deciding Muhurats, we can evidently find logic and scientific reasons behind them. For example, it is said that “Dev Shayan” period is not good for starting any new construction work.To put it in a religious way, this is a phase when God take rest on the earth hence it’s not recommended to disturb them by startingsome excavation work. However, in terms of weather, it starts on 11th Tithi (date) of Shukla Paksha in Ashadha month which is exactly when monsoon begins. Certainly, any construction work starting during this phase would suffer due to heavy rains, floods, muddy ways and water logging. Therefore, it’s not an appropriate period to start any construction work. Another example is Shukla Paksha which is preferred over Krishna Paksha for a Muhurat. Shukla Paksha is actually the moon waxing phaseand Krishna Paksha is moon waning phase. Thus Shukla Paksha nights will be bright whereas Krishna Paksha nights will be dark. If there is a need to stretch work hours during Krishna Paksha, it may not be feasible hence resulting into less productivity. Also, the bright nights are usually cooler than dark nights and the stamina of human beings is much more in Shukla Paksha. Similarly, there is a concept of “Uttarayan” (January – June) and “Dakshinayan” (July – December). During Uttarayan phase, the weather is relatively much calmer and has long days in comparison to Dakshinayan phase making Uttarayan more suitable for any construction work. Also, the longest day of the year falls on 21st June and the human beings can make use of that during Uttarayan. On the other side, Dakshinayan has the shortest possible day of the year (22nd December). 21st March and 23rd September are the days of the year when both the day and night are equal, however, March is definitely better for construction work in terms of weather. So we can clearly conclude here that there has always been a logic behind picking a Muhurat.
we are top vastu consultant in delhi and provide the service in delhi ncr. The long wait for the winter season is now over and the celebration mood is back. Yes, that’s true. Though every season has its own strength and value but winter is glorified with many similes like ‘healthy season’, ‘festive time’, ‘romantic season’, ‘eating joy’, ‘mood enhancer’ etc. One may garland this season with any suitable rhetorical expression but this is true that God has blessed this season with wonderful milieu. One can see numerous varieties of flowers blooming in colourful lawn. Such and so many varieties of flowers are not available in summer season. In winters there are plenty of vegetables & prices are pretty reasonable. The dew drops remind us of pearl clad spread sheet created by the nature. There are varieties of fruits with healthy fibre, the temperature is worth preserving everything and the human is sweat free. Then why not to get the best reward from this season with positive vibes of Vastu Shastra. This is more essential because for summer season Vastu has been guiding to keep cool the body and abode and protect from the hot directions of south and west which receive penetrating hot vibes making us uneasy. Medically too the normal body temperature is 37 degrees Celsius and ingress in higher temperature feels to be uneasy. So let the temperature come down in a natural way & winter is here.
This module gives the concept of “Vastu-Purush”, Mandala and his role in governing the house as explained in text “Mayamatam” and theory of “Brihat Samhita”. It explains how human beings started feeling the need of building such houses where they could live with comfort and safety. In order to build such houses, they had to observe the environment and its impact on the body and the houses which essentially includes the five elements (earth, air, space, water and fire) of the nature. These five elements along with the rotational, magnetic and gravitational forces of earth and other planets affect the life on earth and therefore, Vastu developed in a logical and systematic manner explaining the science of all these universal forces and hence guide human beings to build houses where all these energies can be optimized and balanced in a constructive manner. It emphasizes on the fact that human beings need to live in harmony with nature in order to live life blissfully. There are some examples such as Ayodhya, India-Sri Lanka Setu which clearly demonstrate the existence of Vastu in the ancient era. It briefly talks about different building structures suitable for different weather, area e.g. Surya-Bhedi and Chandra-Bhedi structures. Essentially Vastu principles are same but they need to vary depending on the need, availability, area, size and shape of the plot in order to do the construction in the right manner.Vastu for Trading Organisation Vastu Service Vastu Advice for Business Growth Removal of all Vastu flaws without demolition True Vastu Industrial Plot Vastu Vastu for Living Spaces Vastu for Corporate Houses Scientific Vastu Advice for Vacant Land Industrial Vastu Vastu For Construction Vastu for Rented Houses Vastu for Rented Industrial Building Zero Demolition Vastu Corrections Consultancy Vastu for Sheds Vastu for Home Interior Vastu for Offices Renovations Vastu advice for Reconstruction Scientific Removal of Vastu related flaws Shop Vastu
Vastu For Sandwitched Plot: What is sandwitched plot? Why this is inauspicious? What is the concept of “sandwiched” plot? Are they auspicious in Vastu science? Here are the causes: The plot is called a sandwiched plot if it is in the middle of two huge plots or buildings. There are several reasons because of which the sandwiched plots are not considered auspicious. In such cases, as long as these big plots on both the sides are open and not constructed, it would not make a huge difference. However, once there are big/tall buildings on both the sides, it can lead to numerous troubles. For example, the sun rays might get blocked by huge walls of the big building and we have already read the significance of the sun rays in one’s life and health. Also, the air circulation may not be proper which might lead to suffocation in the house. The outside view from the terrace of the house might also get blocked by it. In case of any accident, their huge walls may not be safe for the house. Therefore, the sandwiched plots/houses are not considered auspicious in Vastu science. More links: Vastu for flooring material, Vastu for Marble in floor, Vastu for wooden flooring, Tiles colours in flooring Vastu, Vastu for Granite in Floor, Flooring as per Vastu, Colour of Floor Vastu, Vastu for flooring colours, Vastu for floor slope, Vastu for Wooden flooring colours, Flooring, hades as per Vastu
Vastu For servant Room: Where a servant room should be made as per Vastu? A. According to Vastu, if there are servants who live with the family, they should be given rooms in east, south-east or north-west directions. However, if there is a single servant with clean habits, then any room near north-east corner can be given. The same is true for guards as well. While designing the layout of the house, one should keep in mind if the separate bathroom needs to be given to the servant or not. If the separate bathroom is required, then either south-east or north-west direction is suitable; otherwise any room in east or north directions can be given. Vastu Consultants In Rajasthan, Best vastu shastra consultant in Rajasthan, Vastu Consultant Jaipur, Vastu Consultants Jaipur, vastu consultant in Jaipur, Vastu Consultants In Jaipur, Best vastu shastra consultant in Jaipur, Vastu Consultant Bangalore, Vastu Consultants Bangalore, Vastu consultant in Bangalore, Vastu Consultants In Bangalore, Best vastu shastra consultant in Bangalore, Vastu Consultant Assam, Vastu Consultants Assam, Vastu consultant in Assam, Vastu Consultants In Assam, Best vastu shastra consultant in Assam, vastu consultant in Rewari, Vastu consultant in Palwal, Vastu consultant in Hisar, Vastu consultant in Patna, Vastu consultant in Manali, Vastu consultant in kullu, Vastu consultant in Bilaspur, Vastu consultant in Shimla, Vastu consultant in Itanagar, Vastu consultant in Raipur, Vastu consultant in Panjim, Vastu consultant in Gandhinagar, Vastu consultant in Chandigarh, Vastu consultant in Bhopal, Vastu consultant in Muscat, Vastu consultant in Manesar, Vastu consultant in Manila, Vastu consultant in Rome, Vastu consultant in Hongkong city, Vastu consultant in Budapest, Vastu consultant in Jakarta, Vastu consultant in Baghdad, vastu consultant in Dublin, vastu consultant in Kingston, vastu consultant in Tokyo, Vastu consultant in Paris, Vastu consultant in Berlin, Vastu consultant in Toronto, Vastu consultant in Zurich, Vastu consultant in Balli, Vastu consultant in Barcelona, Vastu consultant in Cambridge, vastu consultant in Dubai, Vastu consultant in Durban, Vastu consultant in Geneva, Vastu consultant in George Town, vastu consultant in Hamilton, vastu consultant in Kuwait City, vastu consultant in Los Angeles, vastu consultant in Florida, Vastu consultant in Bangkok, Vastu consultant in Port of Spain, Vastu consultant in AbuDhabi, Vastu consultant in London, Vastu consultant in Washington, Vastu consultant in Harare, Vastu consultant in Singapore city, Vastu consultant in Capetown, Vastu consultant in Madrid, vastu consultant in Andhra Pradesh, vastu consultant in Arunachal Pradesh, vastu consultant in Assam, vastu consultant in Bihar, vastu consultant in Chhattisgarh, vastu consultant in Goa, vastu consultant in Gujarat, vastu consultant in Haryana,
Vastu For Almirah, Vastu for Cupboards By Best Vastu Consultant in Gurgao: Vastu direction for making the storage area like almirah & cupboard? A. In Vastu, almirah and cupboards are considered to be heavy objects. We have read before that the south-west corner should be the most highest and heaviest; hence it is best to place or construct almirah, cupboards, cabinets, slabs for storage etc. in this direction only. Below is the picture which shows all the possible cases where cabinets etc. can be placed. We can see that the south direction is considered to be the best. West direction is the second choice. East and north directions are okay as long as these are placed close to west or south directions. The north-east corner should be light or should be left open. One should never place any storage item in the extreme north-east corner. If an almirah is used for storing valuables like money, bank related papers, jewelry and other precious documents, it should be best to place in south direction such that it faces north, which is the direction of Lord Kuber., Vedic Vastu For September, October Month’s Vastu Precautions, November Vastu, Special tenets of Vastu for December, Follow Daily Vastu for Positive Day, Vastu in the Morning, Vastu precautions for Noon & afternoon, Vastu For evening, Night with Vastu vibes, Vastu in midnight, Vastu Tips in Hindi, Follow Vastu in Dawn Hourly Vastu, Vastu for Good time, Lucky Vastu days, Making life positive with Vastu,
Vastu & Karma go with hand-in-hand: Vastu For Future, Vastu For Fate, importance of Karma (toil) in our life is a very important topic. Firstly, we need to understand what Karma is. Karma means actions, deeds, physical efforts and hard work done by a human being. Karma is the most important aspect of our life, an essential key to get anything in life. As we read more about Vastu and gain knowledge on how directions and placement of different objects can play a significant role in one’s life by creating a positive atmosphere and cause promotion or demotion; an obvious question comes to our mind whether one can achieve everything in life by simply living in a Vastu compliant house or running a business or industry designed as per Vastu. In reality, this is merely a misconception which arises due to the lack of understanding of fundamentals of Vastu. Vastu is primarily about living in harmony with nature by constructing a building in such a manner which can direct or generate positive aura around and within the house and influence every family member in a positive way. If there are positive energies and environment around a human being, there are high chances that the human being’s mind will be in control and balanced; and his actions would also be positive. Therefore, it helps in creating and maintaining a conducive surroundings, which may help promoting all the aspects of our life. However, if a human being still doesn’t perform right actions or do hard work, then merely living in Vastu compliant building is not going to help. Karma stands at the top of everything. We read in level 1 about our Indian ancient epic, Mahabharata. It was mentioned that Lord Krishna convinced Vishwakarma to build a huge rectangular tank right in the center of the city knowing that Duryodhana was going to win it from Pandavas by foul means. If we observe this incident carefully, we would realize that it was Duryodhana’s Karma which made him win the Indraprastha city in the first place which completely destroyed him later. Vastu courses At Faridabad, Vastu courses At Ghaziabad, Vastu courses At town, Vastu courses At model town, Vastu courses At kirti nagar, Vastu courses At noida, Vastu courses At south delhi, Vastu courses Vastu courses , Learn vastu , Vastu, Learn Vastu shastra, Learn Vastu learning, Vastu Learn teaching, Learn Vastu class, Learn Vastu course Learn Learn vastu, Learn vastu shastra, Learn Vastu class, Learn Vastu classes, Learn Vastu education, Vastu certificate,
Why it is very diffuicult to have perfect Vastu plot or House, ? Vastu consultant defines the reasons: While procuring the land or constructing the building, what are the factors beyond our control because owadays, it is extremely difficult to buy a land or construct a building with 100% Vastu specifications because there are numerous factors beyond our control. Below are some examples: The slope of the plot may not be as per Vastu. Below picture shows the slope recommended by Vastu. In some cases, the slope can be fixed, however, that might not be always feasible due to high cost or other reasons. Also, it might be in an area where changing the slope might not make sense. For example, if there are many houses in a row next to each other and all the plots are sloping down towards south-west direction which is against Vastu principle; and then someone tries to change the slope of one house, it might not make sense because all the rain water in all houses go into south-west and changing the slope would mean that this one house might end up accumulating water which it definitely shouldn’t. There can be many practical scenarios like this. Same is true for the shape of a plot. Sometimes, plot shape is irregular depending on a region or surroundings. Below is the screenshot of a plot which is available for sale (yellow boundary) and we can see its irregular shape. Similarly, the roads around the plot may also not be as per Vastu. Sometimes, houses are constructed in such a way that one would get less space in north-east direction and more space in south-west direction. When a building is constructed in a specific area, there might be zoning or administrative rules which may not allow the main gate as per Vastu. All of the above examples are very common these days because not all the cities and towns are built according to Vastu and that would clearly have an impact on the surroundings of a plot or a building which someone would be looking to buy. Also, there is a lot of space crunch these days, at least in major cities so one may not get enough open space recommended by Vastu. Does Vastu suggest to violate government rules or laws? NO. One should never try to follow 100% Vastu at the cost of these rules and regulations. Also, one should also pay attention to personal choices of family members, their liking and disliking etc. Similarly, one should be logical and practical while buying a plot or constructing a building and try to follow Vastu as maximum as possible. One should live Vastu-friendly, not Vastu-blindly. vastu course national highway, vastu course kirti nagar, vastu course naraina, vastu course Moti bagh, vastu course , at Dhaula kuan, vastu consultant in Gk-1, vastu consultant in Gk-2, Vastu consultants in delhi, Vastu consultant for home, Vastu consultants in Gurgaon, Vastu services in delhi, Vastu Consultants in Delhi, Vastu expert in Gurgaon, Vastu in hindi, Vastu Shastra Consultants in Noida Vastu for stairs, Best Vastu Experts in Delhi,