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If the kitchen is not practically possible to be constructed in South East, then following are the other suitable directions for its construction :- 1) Extreme North West 2) East, continuing slightly towards south. 3) West North West 4) South, extending towards east. These directions mentioned above are arranged in order of most suitable direction to less suitable direction. vastu for kitchen vastu for gas stove, vastu consultants Delhi NCR, Best Vastu Kitchen, Vastu cooking face, Granite colour use in Kitchen, Black Granite in Kitchen Vastu, Vastu Kitchen,
Why water & fire should be enough away from each other…… here is logic with reference to the procedure and handling. There are several guidelines to design the interior of a kitchen while following Vastu at micro level. Since NE direction represents water element, the sink should be built in NE corner of the kitchen. Similarly, the stove/fire place should be in SE corner of the kitchen. The water and fire elements are totally opposite to each other and hence nullify the impact of each other. For example, if you mix a few drops of water with fire, both water and fire will disappear resulting into steam i.e. air element and ashes i.e. earth element. In this case, the heat would move to space. Vastu is all about maintaining a balance of all five elements and hence the kitchen should be designed such that both the elements remain in harmony without destroying each other and hence a proper distance should be maintained between the sink and the stove. If there is enough space in the kitchen, one slab can be put along east wall and NE part of it can be used to place sink whereas stove can be placed in SE corner (it must be along east wall though such that the cooking person can face east direction while cooking). However, in this case, minimum of 8-10 feet of distance must be maintained as shown below. However, due to lack of space, an L-shaped kitchen can be built and the sink can be placed along N wall in NE corner whereas the stove can still be placed in SE corner along E wall as shown below. The objective is to avoid clashing of water and fire elements. Therefore get customised Vastu advice- no copy-paste and thus be accurate, be wise—select the best Vastu consultant. There are very minor cures for big Vastu Doshas. The real Vastu believers get true Vastu advice from the most prominent Vastu adviser because a superlative Vastu consultation is only possible from the superior Vastu guide. Our advice is always a scientific & authentic. You may also call us for Vastu remedies without breaking & get world class Vastu advice for the best results. The happy life also depends upon many factors. If one needs the best Vastu advice for the best outcome then take honest Vastu advice from the world’s leader in Vastu Dr. Bhardwaj- the most famous Vastu consultant? If one is quality conscious, he will never compromise on hiring the best Vastu expert.
phenomena of five elements. As we know in nature there are five main elements but our scientists have been discovered other 118 elements these are called micro elements that is made of different factor in nature and each factor is made of those basic elements. All microelements are including in macro elements. According to vastu entire universe is made of these five elements-earth, water, fire, air and space. These are the major matters to responsible of life existence in the planet, these elements are within us and whole universe, if any one element is out from our body that means the end of the life, as well as if any element is even slightly unbalance then we feel restlessness. I got to know in this module about our five great elements or panch maha bhootas are main constituents of exist of life on earth, they are as space, earth, fire, air and water. Space (akash)-It is endless and unlimited although beyond our thoughts. Our life is rendered prosperous by the sound exhale ting from the space or sky, it s intensity of energy light, worldly rays electro magnetic power roll on the earth and several planet. Fire (agni)- It has the basic of all energies and solar energies. Earth’s inner energy atomic, thermal, and all life energy. We cannot imagine life without sunlight and heat, the winter season sun has colors and it rises above the horizon for short time, in this season sun is beautiful silvery. The hot sun has brightness in light and darkness in shadow. Air (vayu)- Air infuses life in to all the living species, life is not possible without air, its responsibility for manhood and life force. Air is a light element in nature but heavier than sunrays. Atmosphere consists 78% of nitrogen which is the maximum of all gases like helium, carbon dioxide, hydrogen etc. oxygen is the life force gas of all living being, but its ratio only 21% which is supporting factor for life, it is good for brain and blood. The flow of air inhaled during breathing pumps the blood through our system and keeps us alive. Air is represents movement; fresh air cross ventilation and circulation is supportive for good house. Water (jal) Water is one of the main basic elements for the life source. This is the cause existence of living being on this earth, it is essential for all growing beings. Earth (phrithvi) Earth is a part of sun. Million of years ago a large piece of sun got distanced from it and get started cool and along with other nature’s factor were suitable for gave birth to life, in entire solar system life could exist only on earth. Vastu consultant in India, Vastu advisers in Delhi, Vastu for factory, Best Vastu Consultant in Faridabad, Vastu consultant in Gurgaon, Vastu Consultants in Noida, Top VastU Consultant in Gurgaon, Best Vastu in Manesar, Vastu Consultant in greater Noida, Vastu Consultant in delhi, Best Vastu Remedies, Vastu expert in delhi, Vastu For Home, Vastu For staircase, Best Vastu Consultancy in Gurgaon, Best Vastu Institute in Delhi, Best Vastu Institute in Gurgaon, Vastu Classes in Delhi, Vastu Course in Delhi, Online Vastu Courses, Top Vastu consultants in Gurgaon, Vastu consultant in Manesar, Best Vastu adviser in Manesar, Vastu For Students, Vastu For study, Best Vastu Consultancy Service in Gurgaon, Customised Vastu Advice, Best Vastu Remedies, Vastu consultant for home, Vastu consultants in Gurgaon, Accept I got to know about these main elements I found the impacts of deliberate changes in nature’s these five It is man’s natural tendency to redraft and recreate his all environment according to his choice, he moulds the natural ratio of these five macro elements, exploiting them, even if that means to sacrifice the nature, then in long term effect will be negative for all beings.
Air has the mixture of gases. It has 78% nitrogen, 21% oxygen, and argon, carbon-dioxide, hydrogen, neon, helium, krypton, xenon in very small ratios. In addition to these fixed components, the atmosphere also contains water vapor the ratio of which varies depending on the surroundings and environment. For example, in a desert area, the air will be dry with no water vapors. However, any area closer to a sea will contain considerable amounts of water vapors. These water vapors cause rain as shown in the picture above (Question 1). For our survival on earth, we need to maintain the balance of all the gases in the air. Especially the balance of oxygen and carbon-dioxide is mandatory because all human beings consume oxygen and release carbon-dioxide. This balance is maintained by plants and trees because they consume carbon-dioxide and release oxygen which is called photosynthesis process. Below is the picture which demonstrates the photosynthesis process. You may also call us for Vastu remedies without breaking & get world class Vastu advice for the best results. The happy life also depends upon many factors. If one needs the best Vastu advice for the best outcome then take honest Vastu advice from the world’s leader in Vastu Dr. Bhardwaj- the most famous Vastu consultant? If one is quality conscious, he will never compromise on hiring the best Vastu expert. Anyone may contact Dr. Anand Bhardwaj on 9811656700………..Thanks Vastu Courses Are Open Now- Contact Immediately… Why to compromise when World class Vastu consultant is there!! Class people always choose the class Vastu Consultant- Never Compromise
VASTU FOR BRAMHA STHAN: The central part of Vastu Purusha: The practical & constructive role of Brahma Sthan is in today’s scenario:- According to Vastu Shastra, the 1/3 part of the central area should be assigned to Brahma Sthan. In old times, we could find the central area left open in houses, for example, in Rajasthan’s old Havelies. There are social and scientific reasons behind this concept of leaving 33% area open which is relevant even in today’s world. It is a place where health, integrity of the family and stability of the entire building get benefited scientifically. It also helps in maintaining the spiritual balance by placing a Tulsi (basil) plant in or near the central area. Below are the examples which illustrate how Brahma Sthan can play a practical and constructive role in today’s scenario: • In case of a joint or large sized family, all the family members can meet in this area. Therefore, this central area provides an open space to maintain an interpersonal and social bond which is essentially required for internal love, affection and togetherness among the entire family members. • Scientifically, the central are maintains the center of gravity for the entire building. If there is single pillar, pole or column in the exact center, the load of the entire building may rest on it. As explained in my previous answers, in case of an earthquake, the central pillar may start trembling and the entire structure may collapse in no time. However, if this center of gravity is divided among four equally distant pillars away from the main center point, the building structure would rest on these four pillars which would make the entire structure as earthquake resistant. • According to Vastu Shastra, if this central area is left open to sky, it works as a perfect heavy-duty exhaust and air-circulatory system which move away the hot, impure or other unhealthy gases like carbon-dioxide out of the building. Therefore, Brahma Sthan plays a practical and constructive role in our life. As mentioned earlier, we may not have a large area for construction and leave a big space for Brahma Sthan; however, Vastu Shastra provides several guidelines by following which we can get the maximum benefit out of it. The following may also be found: Construction drawings as per Vastu Workable Plan Vastu, Various designs as per Vastu, Drawings according to Vastu Shastra, Perfect Vastu friendly Main Gates:, Entrance as per Vastu, Main Gate According to Vastu, Vastu Compliant Main Gate, Right Directions of Main Gate, Vastu Material for Gate, Best Vastu Colour of Gate in South, Vastu for Positive Colours of Main Gate Vastu friendly Position of Main Gate, Opening Directions of main gate, Inside opening Gates Vastu for Main Gate in Hindi
Vastu Merits & Demarits of Kitchen if in different directions.VASTU FOR KITCHEN merits and demerits when kitchen is located in south-east and shifted in other directions not appreciated in Vastu. A. In Vastu, any premise can be represented as the combination of five main elements and one should take their properties into consideration when deciding on the layout of house/building. As we have studied in previous levels, the SE direction is symbolized by the fire element and hence it is the most appropriate direction for kitchen. Merits of SE kitchen: The SE corner has the geographical advantage which makes it suitable for the kitchen. As we know, the earth revolves around the sun from west to east direction and it is also vertically tilted by 23.5 degrees. As a result, different parts of earth get exposed to the sun differently throughout the day. The SE direction receives a balanced quantum of ultraviolet and infrared radiations, which has certain preservative qualities and is required to maintain the proper heat and other supportive virtues for a kitchen. Additionally, since the wind flows from west to east most of the time, it helps carrying away oily fumes and harmful smoke away from the person cooking the meal and hence the one should face east while cooking. Demerits of placing the kitchen in other directions: NW direction: If the kitchen in SE direction is not feasible, Vastu gives secondary options along with prohibited directions. The NW is considered the second best direction for the kitchen. However, this direction doesn’t receive that much of sun rays and hence is not the best direction. Also, if the kitchen is in NW direction, it is not feasible to build windows and E direction and hence it doesn’t get exposed to some of the morning beneficial rays. SW direction: In SW, all E and N windows would face internal house only and hence is not really beneficial. All the smoke and fumes would enter into the house in such kitchen. Only W and S windows are possible which are not recommended in Vastu. Also, due to SW direction, it would not be able to receive morning sun rays. The harmful afternoon rays with the combination of fire/stove can be uncomfortable for the cooking person. Also, in SW, the earth is the dry element and hence water element (sink/drinking water) can cause imbalance. NE direction: One should never build the kitchen in NE direction as this is only best suited for Pooja and other spiritual/religious activities. Also, this corner is meant for water element and hence fire element in the kitchen can cause the imbalance in this direction. The kitchen is usually not always clean due to activities throughout the day and hence not appropriate for this direction at all. Also, this corner receives limited amount of morning sun rays which again may not be appropriate for the cooking person.
The World Class Vastu Guru- Dr. Anand Bhardwaj: Everything in the universe is made up of five basic elements (pancha maha bhootas) namely, earth, air water, fire and space. All the living organisms on earth are made from these five elements. Vastu helps create that bridge between the man and nature and the elements from they are made from. Earth:Earth is the land which sustains life. All the living beings from single celled organisms to complex living beings like the humans are sustained by the land. It is the place where the actual construction takes place The major source of energy of whole earth is stored in north and south poles and flows from North Pole to South Pole continuously in the form of magnetic waves. So as earth all structures, objects and all beings have magnetic properties and two opposite poles within them. In order to create a perfect balance between the magnetic energies of the earth the objects and structures it contains it is imperative that the buildings are aligned exactly with the poles of the earth’s magnetic field. Air:The atmosphere above the Earth consists of Oxygen, Nitrogen, Carbon Dioxide, Water etc. Human life values are are affected greatly by a critical balance in the various components existing in the air. We need oxygen to breathe and we exhale CO2, nitrogen is required by the plants to create oxygen and the plants absorb the co2 exhaled by us.all this in a way forms a cycle that is inherent to the life cycle of all the living organisms on the earth. also suitable temperature of air, air pressure and composition of air are neede for proper growth and continuation of life. Fire :It represents light and heat and is essential element for existence of life. It also represents days and nights, seasons, energy, Sun and the solar system energy. The solar system in which the earth is contained has the sun atits centre as the main source of energy. It is the suns magnetic field which holda all the planets together in the solar system and its energy in the form of rays helps growth of life on earth. Water:Earth is composed 3/4th of water, human body is 70 % water.hence it is a very critical element in our lives. It is in the form of liquid, solid (the ice) and gas (the steam, the clouds). It is a combination of Hydrogen and Oxygen and is perfectly neutral. Every plant and animal is composed of water in different proportions. Space:The unending region, beyond Earth in which not only our Solar System, but the entire Galaxy exists. The most effective forces are light, heat, gravity, magnetic field and waves. It provides shelter to the other four elements. The ancient Indian rishi munis found the great necessary to create perfect and systematic norms in making buildings and structures in accordance with nature. Nature has positive and negative energies. Positive energy relates to good light, water, sufficient air, sufficient heat energy and etc., where as negative energy relates to bad rays sun (some of ultraviolet rays and infrared rays), heavy rainfall associated with wind forces, high intense heat energy and etc. The rules are formulated in such a way to receive more positive energy and avoid and protect from negative energies from the nature and his built environment.
Vastu for Air Corner: Vastu teaches us about the value and importance of the Air element.Air is essential for our existence as it is a life support element. Without it we would not be able to collect the oxygen we so much need to function. But it also has a beneficial effect on our body, not only by positively affecting our muscles, but also cleaning the blood and promoting a sharper brain. But, contrary to what we think, air is not mainly composed of oxygen. In fact, 78% of it is nitrogen, leaving 21% to oxygen and the remainder to a combination of other gases and water vapor. Air represents movement. We can feel itthrough our skin either when we move and the element is static, or when the element itself is set in motion, usually horizontally. In that case we have wind.The reason northwest is its direction is based on the fact that west will receive most of the heat during the day, and that will force the air pressure to decrease. In the same manner, north will be much cooler due to the absence of direct sunlight, and air pressure is much higher here. Air will flow from the high pressure to the low pressure site, creating thus a movement
If we talk about comparing the advantages and disadvantages of a modular kitchen then definitely advantages have an upper hand with respect to disadvantages. The biggest advantage is that modular kitchen is much easier to keep neat and clean, which is a very big aspect of Vastu. As the cabinets and drawers are easily movable so it helps in maintaining the required cleanliness as compared to the traditional slabs which are very tough to clean. Further if we try to co relate the modular kitchen with the earlier times than we can find similarities like fire place use to be grouted in earth and same can be seen in modular kitchens where hob is fitted in the slab. Than the metallic drawers are used in modular kitchens which helps in maintaining the circulation and ventilation around the eatables kept there. The disadvantages of the modular kitchen can be that the stove is fixed so have to compromise with the direction if at all not placed correctly. Secondly lot of wood is used so have to be little more careful while cooking. Vastu gurugram, best vastu in gurugram, gurgaon vastu consultant, brest vastu consultant in gurgaon, vastu consultant in ncr, best vastu experts in gurgaon, Vastu for industry gurgaon