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Vastu tips for staircase: The clock wise direction of staircase is recommended in Vastu mainly because most of the people use their right hand to perform their daily routine tasks. If the staircase direction is clock wise, the railing will automatically be in the right hand and hence one would not feel any fatigue while climbing. This way one would feel less tired and more comfortable. Hence, it reflects the mood and a good mood always create positive vibrations and energetic environment.
Scientifically, there are various phenomena which depend on air and are essential to our life. Air is the key life-supporting element which is supplied to the human body through respiration. It plays a vital role in purification of our blood through lungs and the pure air is good for our brain.The air deals with the entire body through skin, blood and respiratory system. In addition, air supports the water cycle and maintains the temperature on earth for our survival.It is a known fact that the correct humidity, airflow, temperature of air, air pressure, air composition and its contents provide the physical comfort to human beings. Therefore, it is correctly said that “air is the most essential component of our life” as no living being, plant or animal can survive without it. Below is the picture which demonstrates how wind (horizontal air) plays an important role in raining on earth surface.. Vastu Consultant in Delhi, Vastu Consultant in Gurgaon, Vastu Experts in Delhi, Best Vastu consultant in Gurgaon, Vastu Consultant in Ghaziabad, Vastu consultant in gujarat, Vastu consultants in Gurgaon Vastu consultant in greater Noida, Best vastu consultant
This module gives the concept of “Vastu-Purush”, Mandala and his role in governing the house as explained in text “Mayamatam” and theory of “Brihat Samhita”. It explains how human beings started feeling the need of building such houses where they could live with comfort and safety. In order to build such houses, they had to observe the environment and its impact on the body and the houses which essentially includes the five elements (earth, air, space, water and fire) of the nature. These five elements along with the rotational, magnetic and gravitational forces of earth and other planets affect the life on earth and therefore, Vastu developed in a logical and systematic manner explaining the science of all these universal forces and hence guide human beings to build houses where all these energies can be optimized and balanced in a constructive manner. It emphasizes on the fact that human beings need to live in harmony with nature in order to live life blissfully. There are some examples such as Ayodhya, India-Sri Lanka Setu which clearly demonstrate the existence of Vastu in the ancient era. It briefly talks about different building structures suitable for different weather, area e.g. Surya-Bhedi and Chandra-Bhedi structures. Essentially Vastu principles are same but they need to vary depending on the need, availability, area, size and shape of the plot in order to do the construction in the right manner.Vastu for Trading Organisation Vastu Service Vastu Advice for Business Growth Removal of all Vastu flaws without demolition True Vastu Industrial Plot Vastu Vastu for Living Spaces Vastu for Corporate Houses Scientific Vastu Advice for Vacant Land Industrial Vastu Vastu For Construction Vastu for Rented Houses Vastu for Rented Industrial Building Zero Demolition Vastu Corrections Consultancy Vastu for Sheds Vastu for Home Interior Vastu for Offices Renovations Vastu advice for Reconstruction Scientific Removal of Vastu related flaws Shop Vastu
In order to understand the importance of space, first we need to understand what it is and what all it includes. Man lives in space. Space is spread all around earth’s atmosphere and its unending part contains all other planets, stars etc. Hence it includes various forces, for example, magnetic field, gravitational force, light, heat etc. which influence life on earth. In fact, all other elements are skillfully engineered in order to provide a comfortable, pleasant, vibrant and blissful environment around human beings which is essentially part of space itself. It starts from the earth’s ground and goes beyond our imagination.. Main Door Vastu matter, Best Vastu Doors, Material of Main Door Vastu, Sliding Doors in Vastu, Opening of main door inside or outside, One Palla gate as per Vastu, Two palla main door as per Vastu, Colours of Main Door, Vastu for main door in Hindi, Positive Vastu Position of Main Door, Right Directions of Main entrance Door, Height of Main Vastu Entrance, Vastu tips for main door, Vastu for shape of the main door, Vastu for main door designs, Mukhya Dwaar Height, Width of Mukhya Dwaar, Name plate as per Vastu, Vastu Friendly Material of Name, House Numbers as per Vastu, Shape of Main Doors in Vastu
Vastu Merits & Demarits of Kitchen if in different directions.VASTU FOR KITCHEN merits and demerits when kitchen is located in south-east and shifted in other directions not appreciated in Vastu. A. In Vastu, any premise can be represented as the combination of five main elements and one should take their properties into consideration when deciding on the layout of house/building. As we have studied in previous levels, the SE direction is symbolized by the fire element and hence it is the most appropriate direction for kitchen. Merits of SE kitchen: The SE corner has the geographical advantage which makes it suitable for the kitchen. As we know, the earth revolves around the sun from west to east direction and it is also vertically tilted by 23.5 degrees. As a result, different parts of earth get exposed to the sun differently throughout the day. The SE direction receives a balanced quantum of ultraviolet and infrared radiations, which has certain preservative qualities and is required to maintain the proper heat and other supportive virtues for a kitchen. Additionally, since the wind flows from west to east most of the time, it helps carrying away oily fumes and harmful smoke away from the person cooking the meal and hence the one should face east while cooking. Demerits of placing the kitchen in other directions: NW direction: If the kitchen in SE direction is not feasible, Vastu gives secondary options along with prohibited directions. The NW is considered the second best direction for the kitchen. However, this direction doesn’t receive that much of sun rays and hence is not the best direction. Also, if the kitchen is in NW direction, it is not feasible to build windows and E direction and hence it doesn’t get exposed to some of the morning beneficial rays. SW direction: In SW, all E and N windows would face internal house only and hence is not really beneficial. All the smoke and fumes would enter into the house in such kitchen. Only W and S windows are possible which are not recommended in Vastu. Also, due to SW direction, it would not be able to receive morning sun rays. The harmful afternoon rays with the combination of fire/stove can be uncomfortable for the cooking person. Also, in SW, the earth is the dry element and hence water element (sink/drinking water) can cause imbalance. NE direction: One should never build the kitchen in NE direction as this is only best suited for Pooja and other spiritual/religious activities. Also, this corner is meant for water element and hence fire element in the kitchen can cause the imbalance in this direction. The kitchen is usually not always clean due to activities throughout the day and hence not appropriate for this direction at all. Also, this corner receives limited amount of morning sun rays which again may not be appropriate for the cooking person.
The world class Vastu Guru- Dr. Anand Bhardwaj: What is gravitational forces Gravitational force is a natural process. Every planet is surrounding by its own gravitational forces and earth has its own gravitational forces, earth’s perimeter is 40090 kilometer and diameter is 12756 kilometer, for one spin earth takes 24 hours and its speed is 1670 k.m. Per hour which is too much. Without gravity we’ll float off in the atmosphere along with all of the other matter on earth. We feel gravity every moment, the gravity hold on all the things in nature. If there is no gravity even for a second everything will be spread Sun is a major component of human life because sun is the main source of energy we get energy from it and which is released by continuous flow of light, sun represents the seven visible colours of the spectrum. The rays of sun should filter in to during the morning when sunlight is not bright and hot, its called DAWN, morning rays are positive this is the ideal time to receive maximum rays from sun. Besides that, sun rays have some negative effect also like afternoon rays are very harmful, after 1 pm to 5 pm in the summer season, sun rays are too bad for life it makes us uncomfortable and run down our energy. Excessive exposure of house to strong and sharp sunrays is too bad, its ultra-violet rays (uv-3) is not positive. In summer season sun heat increases infrared rays which is very harmful for our body and mind.
Call us for Vastu remedies without breaking East and north facing plot are appreciated the most in vastu shashtra. The reason is Vastu prefers east, north and northeast direction facing of the house and plot. There are so many positive reasons such as: sun rules over the east and provides us with light and enlightenment, morning sun-rays are most important for us cause at that time rays are soft, cool and comfortable, at this time sun-rays controlling and balancing quantum of ultraviolet rays, which are required for us but afternoon sun-rays are not positive for our body. Earth moves from west to east therefore at the same time on the same earth its different surfaces receive different energies from the cosmic field. Free Vastu Tips, The Best Vastu Consultant, Vastu consultancy services Delhi NCR, Fengshui Masters in Delhi, Vastu Shastra Expert, Vastu Shastra consultants services in Delhi, Free Fengshui Tips, Free Vastu Tips, Most Famous Vastu experts in, Best Vastu for home, Famous Vastu for home, offices Vastu Expert, Fengshui Masters in Noida, Vastu peace, Vastu Shastra Consultancy in Delhi, Free Vastu Tips, Vastu Expert, Vastu Shastra Expert in delhi, scientific Vastu expert, Energy Vastu Expert, The Best Vastu Consultant, Aura Vastu Expert, Famous vastu expert in delhi, best vastu consultant in delhi, vastu expert in delhi, famous vastu expert, Fengshui Masters in Ghaziabad, Free Vastu Tips, Scientific chakra healer, geo pathic stress, geo pathic radiations, evil spirit removal, negative energy removal, vastu products, vastu items, Free Vastu Tips, geo pathic rods, Negative energy removal, The Best Vastu Consultant, Best vastu expert in India, Best Vastu Master in India, Best vastu consultant in Delhi, Fengshui Masters in Noida, Vastu Experts in Delhi, Best vastu consultant in Punjab, Scientific vastu course and remedies, Geo Pathic Stress, Geopathic Radiation, Advance Vastu Course, Evil spirits removal, Astro Vastu Goods, Aura Scanner, Geo Pathic Stress, Vastu Course, Radio waves and Ionospheric extension covers and so many layers makes over the surface of the earth, thus human body behaves to these natural power which is the out put of human’s physical and mental status. Call us for Vastu remedies without breaking
Through Scientific Vastu defining you got to know lot of things about scientific harmony of water element. According to vastu shashtra water element should be placed in northeast corner, northeast corner is the most auspicious and important direction among all direction. Northeast direction means ISHAAN corner, it says in vastu. Vastu prefers the premises should bealways east facing because in this side has many positivity to the human being. Sun comes first in this direction and it gives us lot of blessing and energies like light, heat, vitamins, ultra violet rays, infrared rays etc. We should place in this area underground water storage tank besides other water element like fountain, pond, well and river also can be this side. Law of Vastu if man build a fountain or water pond in ishaan corner there is morning pour rays of sun mixing up with water than it turns in to vapors and moist air in this corner can be helpful for human being, morning sun rays and increase positivity and lot of vibgyors in our environment, if this process would be regular than we can get every day premises purified such a natural spectrum power, there shall be not find any kind of negativity in all human life. Through Scientific Vastu defining got to know about the alignments, there are two major categories of the alignment of premises and plot, street and roads. The first category is Surya bedhi and second one is Chandra bedhi. Surya bedhi is aligned along the east west direction and Chandra bedhi is aligned along the north south direction. According to vastu surya bedhi alignment is most auspicious than Chandra bedhi. A reason behind it there is some scientific logics as such if aligning to east west the houses are able to receive the good quantum of morning rays, it is the natural germicide and anti bacteria. The flow of the wind generally in east west directions so houses can get the natural air thus no need to any kind of artificial comforts but in north south direction has no easy passage for wind there fore in that area can hold and collect the dust. Through Scientific Vastu defining you got to know about benefits of morning sunlight, it has vitamin D, which is very essential for our body, besides this lot of benefits also like as control blood pressure and blood sugar etc. Uses the sun therapy in naturopathy and cures lot of disease. By the sun therapy some treatments are there- burns, kidney problems, lumps, harpes, anemia, colitis etc. soft UV light can increases the efficiency of the heart. Through Scientific Vastu defining got to know about vastu and architectural balancing of water element like-there is a co-relation between human body and water. If we get deficiency of water in our body than we tend to get the required quantity of water. This Element automatically balanced inside our body. Vastu also advocated for water harvesting, vastu says we should keep the premises slope of roof and floortowards northeast side, thus rain water can gather in this direction and water level in earth can automatically maintain by this process and we can receive the benefit from it always well. Thanks
Secrets Of Vastu Shastra & Vaastu Shatra application: Vastu Consultants in Gurgaon< Vastu Consultancy By Dr Anand Bhardwaj Space is the most fundamental thing in which everything exists, including the whole universe and everything in it. It is where thoughts are floating with a speed faster than the light, it is where our phisical world can be manifasted, and space influences and determine all the forces needed for the pure physical existence, such as the light, heat, gravitational forces, magnetic fields and waves. Through this influencial effect of space on the waves and field and light, etc, human life experience various moods, health conditions, emotional and comfort statment. Thus the quality of space energy can provide the human being with a very satisfying living place, shelter. Vastu Consultant in Ghaziabad, Vastu consultancy services in delhi, Vastu for conceiving, Vastu consultants in Gurgaon, Vastu consultant in greater Noida, Best vastu consultant, Vastu Consultant in Ghaziabad, Best Vastu Consultant in Delhi, Vastu for toilets, Vastu consultants in delhi, Vastu consultant for home, Vastu consultants in Gurgaon, Vastu services in delhi, Vastu Consultants in Delhi, Vastu expert in Gurgaon, Vastu in hindi, Vastu Shastra Consultants in Noida, Vastu for stairs, Best Vastu Experts in Delhi, Vastu experts in gurugram, Vastu services in Gurgaon, Top vastu expert, Vastu correction without demolition, Vastu for flats, Vastu for apartment. Fire provides the heat and fire for human life on Earth. It all comes from the Sun, it is the major source that gives the necessary heat and light. Heat and light are both essential essences for existence of life. We would die without them. The fire energy is the basis of the solar energy, thermal energy, atomic energy, the earth’s inner energy and also the life energy in living beings. Fire is the element that ignite our inner power, that prompts us to move ahead and wake up our enthusiasm. This element is very powerful and fill us with the power of movement too. Water: the human body has the water and solid just in the same ratio as the seas and lands are on the earth. The ratio is 70:30. Without water there is no life. Water carries along the information in the body, the vibrational print of thoughts. The positive and pure water delivers positive and healing information to the physical body, as well as to the eteric and energetic body. Also, our blood is mostly water, with some oxygen and hemoglobin. Water fills us up with life energy.