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Vastu CORRECTIONS WITHOUT DEMOLITION By: Dr. Anand Bhardwaj MA, MBA, Ph.D (Socio), Ph.D (Vastu), D.Sc. Eq. D.Lit (Vastu) Vastu Consultant, On one hand the craze towards Vastu is increasing day by day but on the other hand the numbers of Vastu consultants is also increasing at a fast pace. Now, due to availability of numerous Vastu consultants on internet, news papers & other media sources, there is a situation of stiff competition amongst the Vastu consultants. Hence the Vastu consultation fee has to be extremely competitive so that the newly trained Vastu consultant may earn his bread & butter easily. In order to gain fast money in a very short span of time, these novice Vastu consultants have turned unethically unprofessional. To do Vastu cures, some of them have started selling various items like stones, Yantra, mantra, tantric, Pyras, symbols, gimmick, self made or crafted elements etc. The TV channels are overloaded with such programmes where Vastu seems to be very commercialized & dependent upon the sale & marketing techniques. Thus they can easily get high amount from the clients in the name of Vastu corrections without demolition. This practice has not only induced fears in the mind of common mass that once the Vastu consultant comes to audit the house, he may sell-off such self generated cures worth lakhs of rupees. Certainly this unethical practice has also started putting question mark on the reality, truthfulness & value of Vastu science. To have a control over such practice we are working on creation of a Forum of Vastu Consultants to establish the ethics, criteria & standardization of Vastu practitioners. If we call Vastu as a science, then certainly the Vastu principles have to follow the scientific rules & each Vastu consultant is supposed to prescribe the Vastu cures logically. Here, I would like to unveil the truth of Vastu corrections without demolition so that as an educated person, everyone may realise that actual Vastu cures cost nothing. The Vastu flaws can easily be ward off with the help of home remedies like change in the positioning and placement of various gadgets from one corner to the other corner, interchanging the bedrooms, shifting important almirahs, cash box-realignment and change in wall colours etc. For few other serious Vastu defects, a Vastu consultant has to be experienced & trained in actual ‘Vastu corrections without demolition, which can easily be done with certain minor objects or items that cost almost nothing like sea salt, alum, copper wire, mirrors, aroma, Basil plant, aquariums, water fountains, red bulbs etc. The re-allocation of Pooja place, sliding of study table from one place to the other place or to other wall may also yield good results. Vastu is a science of directions & flow of energy vibrations; therefore there is no room for superstitious tricks to handle Vastu vibrations. So far as the religious sermons, Pooja, ceremonies, pleasing Gods & other spiritual activities are concerned, there is absolutely nothing wrong in it & one should do believe in the supreme power of God, but paying heavy amount to mediators to perform all these on our behalf may seem to be illogical. Certainly the God is pleased with our true devotion, genuine faith & real offerings, so one can also energize the abode with true devotion. One of the best tools to do Vastu corrections without demolition is extremely easy & works wonder… this is to look at your house, office, spouse, parents, children, neighborhood etc. with a positive sight with a firm belief that everything is positive, good & perfect. Keep on doing this every morning after getting up from the bed & before going to the bed at night. You will find that the life is becoming more & more positive. This is one of the sacred ways to energize the house, office, factory or other similar residential & commercial premises. Therefore it is said “think positive, be positive & the weather shall automatically turn to positive”. (The writer is one of the highest qualified Vastu consultants of the world, dealing in Scientific Vastu with above 39 years experience, specialized in Vastu Corrections without Demolition. He can be contacted thru:, or # 9999256700, 9811656700)
This module gives the concept of “Vastu-Purush”, Mandala and his role in governing the house as explained in text “Mayamatam” and theory of “Brihat Samhita”. It explains how human beings started feeling the need of building such houses where they could live with comfort and safety. In order to build such houses, they had to observe the environment and its impact on the body and the houses which essentially includes the five elements (earth, air, space, water and fire) of the nature. These five elements along with the rotational, magnetic and gravitational forces of earth and other planets affect the life on earth and therefore, Vastu developed in a logical and systematic manner explaining the science of all these universal forces and hence guide human beings to build houses where all these energies can be optimized and balanced in a constructive manner. It emphasizes on the fact that human beings need to live in harmony with nature in order to live life blissfully. There are some examples such as Ayodhya, India-Sri Lanka Setu which clearly demonstrate the existence of Vastu in the ancient era. It briefly talks about different building structures suitable for different weather, area e.g. Surya-Bhedi and Chandra-Bhedi structures. Essentially Vastu principles are same but they need to vary depending on the need, availability, area, size and shape of the plot in order to do the construction in the right manner.Vastu for Trading Organisation Vastu Service Vastu Advice for Business Growth Removal of all Vastu flaws without demolition True Vastu Industrial Plot Vastu Vastu for Living Spaces Vastu for Corporate Houses Scientific Vastu Advice for Vacant Land Industrial Vastu Vastu For Construction Vastu for Rented Houses Vastu for Rented Industrial Building Zero Demolition Vastu Corrections Consultancy Vastu for Sheds Vastu for Home Interior Vastu for Offices Renovations Vastu advice for Reconstruction Scientific Removal of Vastu related flaws Shop Vastu
In order to understand the importance of space, first we need to understand what it is and what all it includes. Man lives in space. Space is spread all around earth’s atmosphere and its unending part contains all other planets, stars etc. Hence it includes various forces, for example, magnetic field, gravitational force, light, heat etc. which influence life on earth. In fact, all other elements are skillfully engineered in order to provide a comfortable, pleasant, vibrant and blissful environment around human beings which is essentially part of space itself. It starts from the earth’s ground and goes beyond our imagination.. Main Door Vastu matter, Best Vastu Doors, Material of Main Door Vastu, Sliding Doors in Vastu, Opening of main door inside or outside, One Palla gate as per Vastu, Two palla main door as per Vastu, Colours of Main Door, Vastu for main door in Hindi, Positive Vastu Position of Main Door, Right Directions of Main entrance Door, Height of Main Vastu Entrance, Vastu tips for main door, Vastu for shape of the main door, Vastu for main door designs, Mukhya Dwaar Height, Width of Mukhya Dwaar, Name plate as per Vastu, Vastu Friendly Material of Name, House Numbers as per Vastu, Shape of Main Doors in Vastu
Micro elements are the ones which are needed in small amount whereas macro elements are the ones needed in large amount. The universe is made of different compounds and these compounds are made of these micro elements only. The scientists have discovered 118 elements so far and with the growth, advancement and research on isotopes and isobars, these elements keep on adding further. However, in Vastu, all these already discovered and yet to be discoveredmicro elements are covered in 5 macro elements. These five macro elements are essentially “Panch MahaBhoota” i.e. Space, water, fire, earth and air. Space:Space includes all the atmosphere and environment around the earth including other planets, stars and beyond. Water: Water is essential for growth of all living beings on this earth. Fire:Fire is the source of all heat and fire related energy in this universe. Earth:Earth provides the required environment and climate for our survival. Air:Air is the mandatory source of life as it is required for our respiratory and blood systems. • Entrance as per Vastu • Main Gate According to Vastu • Vastu Compliant Main Gate • Right Directions of Main Gate • Vastu Material for Gate • Best Vastu Colour of Gate in South • Vastu for Positive Colours of Main Gate • Vastu friendly Position of Main Gate • Opening Directions of main gate • Inside opening Gates • Vastu for Main Gate in Hindi • Outside Opening Gates • Vastu for Slider Gates • Problem in Sliding Gates • Vastu for Wooden gate • Main Tips of Vastu for entry • Iron Gate as per Vastu • Granite on Pillars Vastu • Front Pillars as per Vastu • Marble Use of Vastu Gates • Vastu For Gate shape • Vastu for Gate designs
Adjust, modify & transform according to the climate & weather characteristics: The doctrine of Vastu is governed by a large sequence of factors and each Vastu factor uniquely refers to certain form of energy. Therefore all the Vastu factors collectively knit a vibrant environment that should be conducive to a healthy & happy life. Though most of the Vastu factors remain unchanged but if we ponder upon the scientific facet of Vedic Vastu Shastra, it becomes essential to study the varying factors and analyse them rationally. As per the standing guidelines of Vastu, due to itching, penetrating and burning nature of harsh UV-III one should try to keep the southern part of the house or other premises as dark as possible in summer season. In summer season the above phenomena is more apparent and may be felt. But as per logical Vastu the same rules and regulations should not be obeyed blindly in the winter season. vastu consultant in delhi, vastu consultants in delhi
Vastu itself means to build an environment and a surrounding which might be a house, office building or any other structure. Vastu Shastra is an old Vedic science which explains the principles of constructing a building based on the interactions of the five elements of the nature, directions and other factors related to human life and nature. The goal of this science is to maintain a balance between the human beings and the nature which essentially helps to protect the nature and keep it intact while giving a peaceful and healthy life to human beings at the same time. The Highest qualified & world renowned Scientific Vastu Consultant Dr. Anand Bhardwaj – MA, MBA, Ph.D.(Socio), Ph.D(Vastu), D.Sc. Eq. D.Lit (Vastu) is the senior-most Vastu consultant of India who uses various Hi-tech Cosmo-telluric sensor, parallel vibration meter, cosmic scanner etc. to detect and trace the positive & negative vibrations on site whereas other traditional Vastu consultants still use directional compass only. Dr. Anand Bhardwaj appears on various TV channels & in national news papers. Till now he received 6 gold medals & 51 awards from ministers & prominent celebrities. For more details visit or Call for Vastu Corrections Without Demolition. Ph: 9811656700, 9999256700
we are top vastu consultant in delhi and provide the service in delhi ncr. The long wait for the winter season is now over and the celebration mood is back. Yes, that’s true. Though every season has its own strength and value but winter is glorified with many similes like ‘healthy season’, ‘festive time’, ‘romantic season’, ‘eating joy’, ‘mood enhancer’ etc. One may garland this season with any suitable rhetorical expression but this is true that God has blessed this season with wonderful milieu. One can see numerous varieties of flowers blooming in colourful lawn. Such and so many varieties of flowers are not available in summer season. In winters there are plenty of vegetables & prices are pretty reasonable. The dew drops remind us of pearl clad spread sheet created by the nature. There are varieties of fruits with healthy fibre, the temperature is worth preserving everything and the human is sweat free. Then why not to get the best reward from this season with positive vibes of Vastu Shastra. This is more essential because for summer season Vastu has been guiding to keep cool the body and abode and protect from the hot directions of south and west which receive penetrating hot vibes making us uneasy. Medically too the normal body temperature is 37 degrees Celsius and ingress in higher temperature feels to be uneasy. So let the temperature come down in a natural way & winter is here.
• Remove the temporary sun shades from all balconies of south, west and south-west directions. • Declutter the entrance area and boost it with aromatic articles like flowers or scented showpieces. Do away with the dried leaves, dead plants, cracked flower vases & other dead elements. • Days are smaller in winter season & we must receive the maximum positive energy from these few hours. Therefore try to pass sometime in the home lobby which is generally in the middle of house called the Bramha-Sthan as per Vastu Shastra. Here the energetic environment is always high. • Vastu advocates living in harmony with nature so avoid artificial means of getting heat or hot air. Go nearer to the nature & see every need is fulfilled by it. vastu consultant in gurgaon, vastu consultants in gurgaon
• Shred all heavily dense plants and trees grown in the southern part of the house & let the bright sun rays enter into the abode. • For positive reception of heat from the sun one may slide the heavy curtains spread on the southern and western window panes Open maximum doors and windows & let the bright day light enter the house. This brings positivity. • Walking on dew clad grass gives many health benefits. Have a walk on it & enjoy this God gift every morning. This is a positive combination of water & space elements most appreciable combination & permutation in Vastu. • Though normally Vastu does not appreciate southern & western directions balconies to sit in summer however in winters pass few day hours during daytime in southern & western parts of the building. Enjoy the warmness. vastu consultants in noida, vastu consultant in noida