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A kitchen plays an important role in terms of health of the entire members in a family. It is scientific that a healthy environment in the kitchen is always essential for the health of the cook and the entire family members. Therefore, as per Vastu science the area for the kitchen should be pre-determined while constructing a new house. As per Vastu the kitchen is best suited in the south-east direction of a premise which receives a balanced quantum of UV and Infrared radiations from the sun. If there is no possibility to place the kitchen in the south-east corner of a premise then going through the ‘Micro-Vastu’ principles we can also categorically find some other Vastu locations as 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th option. In this regard placing the kitchen in the north, north-east, south-west and south-south-west directions as well as the central area or Brahma-Sthaan it is strongly prohibited as per Vastu tenets. In today’s modern context the Modular and Ireland kitchens are also useful because of their scientific value. They are also positive from the angle of Vastu science if arranged as per the Vastu norms. In traditional Vastu southern window in the kitchen wall is not treated as positive but when there is no possibility in the other directions then the southern window is applicable as it also carries the scientific value. As per Vastu south-east is the best direction for kitchen. Therefore, it is logical that the sunrays of south-south-east are also essential to enlighten and disinfect the kitchen. In case of water sources the sink and water purifier etc. should be placed in the northern or north-eastern part in the kitchen. Water and fire are inimical to each other. Therefore, a minimum distance between fire place and sink or other water sources should be 8-10 feet if they are on the same slab. . In a small kitchen the sink should be placed in the northern part of the ‘L’ shaped slab to maintain the gap. There should be no make-up kit, mirror, medicine, puja place, pet etc. in the kitchen. Enough ventilation should be provided to enter sufficient light and air covering the entire area in the kitchen. The microwave oven, O.T.G. etc. should be placed in the east, south-east and south direction in the kitchen. The north-west area of the kitchen can also be used for this purpose. In the kitchen, the slab made of stone or granite should be of any other colour except black. However, the reddish or greenish colour/tint is the best one. Too much dark colours or paints reduce the light creating visual disturbance while cooking in the kitchen. Moreover, the tiny insects are also hardly visible in less light. Therefore, the kitchen should be enlightened properly. SEARCHING THE BEST VASTU CONSULTANT IS AN ACT BUT FINDING THE BEST VASTU CONSULTANT OR BEST VASTU EXPERT WHO HAS EXPERTISE IN VASTU CORRECTIONS WITHOUT DEMOLITION IS NOT AN EASY TASK. VASTU FOR HOUSE, VASTU FOR FACTORIES & VASTU FOR OFFICES ARE VERY SPECIAL....... Always choose the best consultant. Choosing the best consultant is an unmatchable ability. Vastu Shastra is becoming very popular now a days & so is the awareness about Vastu. Similarly people are looking for the best vastu consultants in Delhi & Delhi NCR like best Vastu consultants in Ghaziabad, Best Vastu experts in Gurgaon & best Vastu experts & consultants in Noida. Even in Faridabad too people are searching the top most Vastu experts in the city. We have multi-faceted approach to Vastu remedies. The Vastu expert & Best Vastu experts: Dr. Anand Bhardwaj, the world famous Vastu consultant & Vastu expert also expertise in Vastu corrections without demolition. If you want the perfection in Vastu energies, get excellent Vastu advice from the excellent Vastu consultant- Dr. Anand Bhardwaj. Now when the finest Vastu advice available in your city then don't compromise... This is unique. Choose the best Vastu expert because we deal Vastu with logic.. No space for superstition as here we are to provide the best in class Vastu advice. Best people always choose the best Vastu consultant. The perfect Vastu consultant always gives the perfect Vastu advice as an expert Vastu Consultant. Thanks
For executing this practically one needs to understand nature and its many folds. The symmetry in nature attracts human being and the various things like symmetrically arranged petals in a flower, the trees balanced at all sides, the butterfly with both identical wings, the design and colour combination in beautiful birds, positioning of eyes, ears at human face, limbs and other similar examples seen in cross or vertical section of fruits, vegetables are admired by human being. Vaastu advises in the same way to maintain a symmetry and proper balance in the abode i.e. it should preferably be in a regular size and shape. The rooms inside the building should be the same way. No corner should be acute or obtuse angle and there should be no side-cuts or cut corners. Vaastu for House, Vaastu for Homes, Vaastu for Industry, Vaastu for factory, Vaastu for Corporates, Vaastu for Office, Vaastu for Flat,
If the kitchen is not practically possible to be constructed in South East, then following are the other suitable directions for its construction :- 1) Extreme North West 2) East, continuing slightly towards south. 3) West North West 4) South, extending towards east. These directions mentioned above are arranged in order of most suitable direction to less suitable direction. vastu for kitchen vastu for gas stove, vastu consultants Delhi NCR, Best Vastu Kitchen, Vastu cooking face, Granite colour use in Kitchen, Black Granite in Kitchen Vastu, Vastu Kitchen,