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Vastu for minro but important: Luxury : Items like cell phones, Bluetooth speakers etc also emmitt rays which are harmful for the brain and causes sleeplessness. Forget about the room, in fact now a days people keep their cell phones right next to their pillows while sleeping, which is a very harmful practice resulting in loss of sleep. Vastu can be very helpful in these cases. As a Vastu consultant we can very well speak to our clients regarding the Vastu Vibrations. Creating positive Vastu vibrations help in getting sound sleep. It is a proven fact that most of the Vastu principles have scientific backup. It can very well be explained to the client, the importance of not keeping the head in North while sleeping, keeping the room clutter free, not piling up office files in bed rooms, avoiding the TV, using the light and soothing colours on the walls etc. Following these Vastu principles create a powerful positive vibrations in the bed rooms which helps in achieving sound sleep. Vastu for good health, Vastu consultants for corporate office, Vastu for a fllor, Builder Floor Vastu, Vastu for south-east facing, best Vastu expert in my city, India Best Vastu Consultant, Free Vastu tips for home,

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Vastu For Bedroom: Decorations : The dark colours used on the walls or curtains having abstract designs can also be the cause of sleeplessness as they increase the anxiety. Further the show pieces used in bed rooms also play a important role. Any negative item or painting like of beggar, crying, shouting face etc also causes lot of negativity in the room and results in sleeplessness. 3) Comfort: Nowadays we know that people have started altering the environment of the rooms by using air conditioners and room heaters in respective weather conditions for their comfort. Somehow these electronic elements also results in disturbed sleep as they emmitt electo magnetic waves. Vastu for Conceive, Best Vastu for Conception, Vastu For Conceiving, Best Bedroom Vastu, Free Vastu Tips For Bedroom, Vastu for Husband Wife Love, Best Vastu for attach, ments

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Kitchen, being a very important part of the house, plays a very important role in maintaining the good health of the inmates of the house. Since kitchen deals with fire, so south east is the preferred direction of kitchen as this is the sub direction of fire element. In the starting lot of empathize is given on the other suitable directions for the kitchen if for some reason south east is not available. Being a professional Vastu consultant it should be very clear in our mind that what all are the other suitable directions and we should be in a position to explain the same to the client. Thereafter the scientific reason is explained as why south east is best suited for kitchen as it receives the balanced amount of ultraviolet and infrared rays from the sun during most of the time of the day. Vastu For Showroom, Best Vastu for Commercial Office, Vastu Consultant in Delhi, Best Vastu tips, Best Hindi Book, Best Book on Vastu In Hindi, Hindi Language Vastu Book Hindi,

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If we talk about comparing the advantages and disadvantages of a modular kitchen then definitely advantages have an upper hand with respect to disadvantages. The biggest advantage is that modular kitchen is much easier to keep neat and clean, which is a very big aspect of Vastu. As the cabinets and drawers are easily movable so it helps in maintaining the required cleanliness as compared to the traditional slabs which are very tough to clean. Further if we try to co relate the modular kitchen with the earlier times than we can find similarities like fire place use to be grouted in earth and same can be seen in modular kitchens where hob is fitted in the slab. Than the metallic drawers are used in modular kitchens which helps in maintaining the circulation and ventilation around the eatables kept there. The disadvantages of the modular kitchen can be that the stove is fixed so have to compromise with the direction if at all not placed correctly. Secondly lot of wood is used so have to be little more careful while cooking. Vastu gurugram, best vastu in gurugram, gurgaon vastu consultant, brest vastu consultant in gurgaon, vastu consultant in ncr, best vastu experts in gurgaon, Vastu for industry gurgaon

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If the kitchen is not practically possible to be constructed in South East, then following are the other suitable directions for its construction :- 1) Extreme North West 2) East, continuing slightly towards south. 3) West North West 4) South, extending towards east. These directions mentioned above are arranged in order of most suitable direction to less suitable direction. vastu for kitchen vastu for gas stove, vastu consultants Delhi NCR, Best Vastu Kitchen, Vastu cooking face, Granite colour use in Kitchen, Black Granite in Kitchen Vastu, Vastu Kitchen,

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Another friend has a duplex house and he has drawing room towards North East. He had kept it light and nice. Furniture is bare minimum and that too not very heavy. Although he had few paintings which were not going well, like a desert painting and lots of hooks one of the wall, for hanging keys etc. It felt quite ok there as I think big window in east and light furniture is keeping the place quite positive. Vastu consultant in Sushant Lok-I, Vastu consultant in Sushant Lok II, Vastu consultant inDLF, Vastu consultant in DLF-II, Vastu consultant in Gurgugram

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Thereafter the types of paintings to be put on different walls were explained like water painting on North wall and rising Sun on East wall etc. The paintings and posters depicting grief, sorrow, pain, animals should never be used in the house. Few more small things were discussed like keeping the house clutter free and avoid buying unnecessary things, decorating room with beautiful chandeliers and wind chime with pleasant sound to be used. Vastu for Hotel, Vastu for Restaurant, Vastu For Dhaba Vastu for PG, Vastu for New House, Vastu for renovation, Vastu for new construction, Best Vaastu Shastra

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The central idea of this module deals with, as the name suggests, micro details of drawing room as per Vastu. The location of the drawing room with respect to the house and the importance of the first impression is discussed, as who so ever comes to our house is mostly seated in the drawing room only. While talking to guests it is explained that we should face to the East or North and guests should face to south or West as this will put us in better position as comp to the guests. The colours of the walls were discussed i.e. green, light blue or light grey of course if the room is located in its ideal direction which is North West. Various ways to enhance positivity in the room were explained like placing Lord Ganesha or Swastik or Om symbol and also placing laughing Buddha facing the entrance. Vastu Tips in Hindi, Free Vastu Advice, Best Fengshui, Fengshui Consultant in Delhi, Best Fengshui Consultants in Noida

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Emphasis is given very strongly on the fact that as a professional Vastu consultant we cannot tend to roughly estimate the directions as this can lead to a very embarrassing situations at times. Therefore its like a kind of order to be accurate. Further it is advised to use 3 different types of compasses and check the directions with each of them keeping them aprox 10 feet away. There might be difference of readings amongst them which can be attributed to the interference of the various house hold things like TV, fridge, computer etc. Hence the best place to check the directions is the outside of the house in an open space free of the house hold factors. Vastu for Study, Vastu for students, Best Vastu for Students, Students study Vastu tips, . Vastu tips for student, Best Vastu for Students, Vastu consultant for studies

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There are 4 basic directions as we all know that is North, East, South and West. With the conjunction of two adjoining directions further 4 sub directions are formed i.e. Northeast, Southwest etc. Further division of these with their adjoining directions leads to 8 more directions i.e. North north east etc. Therefore total directions obtained are 16 and another two that is Akash i.e. space and Patal i.e. basement. Entire Vastu Shastra deals with these directions and therefore we can easily say that the Vastu is the science of directions. Vastu advisers in South Delhi, South Delhi Vastu Consultants, Expert Vastu Consultant in Greater Noida, Top vastu experts in West Delhi, Learn Vastu in Gurgaon, Vastu advisers in East Delhi, Top vastu experts in Faridabad, Vastu Courses in Delhi