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Vastu – shastris unfortunately do not have enough tools to find out the energies in the environment. It is mainly carried out through old literature which was written in Sanskrit. Modern technology and new sciences are extremely few. There are not efficient enough tools to check the negative energies which prevail in a certain place for eg the kitchen or temple. Lecher antenna, gaus meter, espion, digital cosmic scanner etc are certain tools to dectect the energy levels. Best Vastu Consultant in Ghaziabad

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Vastu concepts of different religions: Life Philosophy for mostly was take life as it comes. Then few had orthodox philosophy- settle down, get kids settle and married. - Mostly believed in karma. - philosophy of staying happy is life is still there. Can try again. - Mostly felt happiness in making their parents and kids happy. - Few were of thought that whenever depressed go out on some trips. - Money was another point of happiness for almost all. By The Best Vastu Consultant of India

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Almost all of the religions emphasis on Purifying mind, body and soul. Teachings of all the religions have this common thought process as the great sages, gurus and equivalents knew this fact that for leading a happy and peaceful life cleaning of inner self is very essential. Best Vastu Free Tips

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don't compromise... Choose the best vastu expert. We deal vastu with logic.. No space for superstition and that is why here we are to provide the best in class vastu advice. The quality of work matters therefore best people always choose the best vastu consultant. Are you really looking for the best vastu consultant? Call me. Every vastu believers searching vastu for home or vastu for house may contact to dr. Anand bhardwaj-the world’s highest qualified vastu consultant dr. Bhardwaj- amongst the world’s most experienced vastu consultants.

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The world class vastu guru- dr. Anand bhardwaj is there to guide for vastu shastra in delhi ncr. So get customized vastu advice- no copy-paste and be confident to be accurate, be wise—select the best vastu consultant. Now it is more advanced vastu & get true vastu advice from the most prominent vastu adviser who deals in superlative vastu consultation from the superior vastu guide. If you have decided to get a house built as per vastu then call us for vastu remedies without breaking.

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Select the Vastu consultant who is largest experienced. Now when the finest Vastu advice available in your city then don't compromise... This is unique. Choose the best Vastu expert because we deal Vastu with logic.. No space for superstition as here we are to provide the best in class Vastu advice. Excellent Vastu consultancy services are provided by Dr. Anand Bhardwaj. Best people always choose the best Vastu consultant. The perfect Vastu consultant always gives the perfect Vastu advice as an expert Vastu Consultant. Best Vastu Consultants in India

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Choosing the best consultant is an unmatchable ability. Sometimes we think that the negative Vastu is damaging our comfort from inside the house BUT ironically many times the negative energy may be hitting our premises from outside. The learned & intellect Vastu consultant like Dr Anand Bhardwaj is always open to address your queries. Vastu Shastra is becoming very popular now a days & so is the awareness about Vastu. Similarly people are looking for the best vastu consultants in Delhi & Delhi NCR like best Vastu consultants in Ghaziabad, Best Vastu experts in Gurgaon & best Vastu experts & consultants in Noida.

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Cases of Vastu: Went and spoke to an unknown small scale industrialist in old gurgaon having a business of making wires. Outcomes - - plot is East facing. - he believes in Vastu and after I told him about my course, he even asked for tips. - entire East is open including north east and South East. - machines are kept towards entire west. - cabinet is made in South south west, that was the only available space - North is used for keeping ready stuff. - that was the best he had made after consulting some basic Vastu with someone. - business was running ok and employees were happy. - he didn't tell much except this. Vastu consultants in Delhi

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It is suggested to use the fire corner or south east very carefully and accordingly. Same principle applies to commercial spaces as well. The other factors also have significant effects in maintaining the peace and harmony of family like correct placement of Pooja place etc. Best Vastu consultant in Nagpur

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As the element Fire is related to direction south east so the characteristics of south east are similar to fire, like hot or related to heat. It influences the inmates very strongly. Suppose a child is placed in this corner, than it is very certain that he would develop a short temper. If married couple is placed here than lots of hot talks are expected between them resulting in loss of peace and harmony. Therefore it is never adviced to make a bed room here and even place any old person or personal with heart problems here. Similarly the principal holds good for any business premises as well. If reception is made in this direction than frequent altercations are expected between the visitors etc or any employee placed here would be having hot temperament. Vastu consultants in Patna Best Vastu consultant in Ranchi Vastu consultants in Bihar vastu consultants in India