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There are 4 basic directions as we all know that is North, East, South and West. With the conjunction of two adjoining directions further 4 sub directions are formed i.e. Northeast, Southwest etc. Further division of these with their adjoining directions leads to 8 more directions i.e. North north east etc. Therefore total directions obtained are 16 and another two that is Akash i.e. space and Patal i.e. basement. Entire Vastu Shastra deals with these directions and therefore we can easily say that the Vastu is the science of directions. Vastu advisers in South Delhi, South Delhi Vastu Consultants, Expert Vastu Consultant in Greater Noida, Top vastu experts in West Delhi, Learn Vastu in Gurgaon, Vastu advisers in East Delhi, Top vastu experts in Faridabad, Vastu Courses in Delhi
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