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The central idea of this module deals with, as the name suggests, micro details of drawing room as per Vastu. The location of the drawing room with respect to the house and the importance of the first impression is discussed, as who so ever comes to our house is mostly seated in the drawing room only. While talking to guests it is explained that we should face to the East or North and guests should face to south or West as this will put us in better position as comp to the guests. The colours of the walls were discussed i.e. green, light blue or light grey of course if the room is located in its ideal direction which is North West. Various ways to enhance positivity in the room were explained like placing Lord Ganesha or Swastik or Om symbol and also placing laughing Buddha facing the entrance. Vastu Tips in Hindi, Free Vastu Advice, Best Fengshui, Fengshui Consultant in Delhi, Best Fengshui Consultants in Noida
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