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Contd from last post: Next step was to see the vastu of their residence. It was me finally to check the house. They had three bedrooms, hall and kitchen. One bedroom in the west, one in the south-east and the master bed room was in south-west, living hall in the north-west and kitchen in the north-east. Even though they had the virtue of south-west bedroom both the husband-wife were sleeping in the separate rooms due to their arguments. West side room was good for their daughter. Living room was fine, only kitchen was in objectionable direction. Kitchen giving discomfort in the health of the lady friend and the husband was sleeping in south-east direction bedroom. Vastu for money, best vastu consultants in noida, best vastu consultant in gurgaon, Vastu for become rich, Best Vastu tips, Free Vastu tips, free Vastu advice, Vastu for homes
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